Robert D. Barnes Photography
Heading to the Beach

    I am centrally located in the NJ/NYC Metropolitan Area.

    My work has appeared in multiple media outlets, as well as some of the top advertising agencies within the United States and United Kingdom commercial advertising markets.

    Please feel free to look around my photo stream and contact me if you are interested in setting up a session or event.

    You can contact me at:

    I use the Professional line-up of Nikon Cameras and Lenses.

    Nikon D3s
    Nikon D700
    Nikon 14-24mm 2.8
    Nikon 24-70mm 2.8
    Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 VRII
    Nikkor 135mm AF f/2 DC

    Nikon TC-14E II
    Nikon TC-20E III

    Nikon SB800 Flashes

    PocketWizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5 remote triggers.
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